5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Tony Valor

Tony Valor Music - Singer, Songwriter, and Producer
Want to learn more about Tony Valor? Here are 5 facts that you didn’t know about him!
  1. Tony takes great pride when it comes to his family’s roots, and never forgets where he comes from. As a native New Yorker now living in Palm Beach Florida, Tony comes from a multicultural background of Sicilian, Chinese, and Hispanic descent. Spending much of his life in Guangzhou China, Tony visits his hometown on a regular basis and loves bringing his cultures into his music.
  2. Growing up, Tony listened to a variety of music genres and artists that have impacted and influenced his music career today. He particularly listened to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Ink Spots, and Benny Goodman growing up. Tony has always admired the hip-hop R&B sensation Usher, and has aspired to follow in his footsteps. His dream is to have a career that embraces both the Dance, R&B and Pop genres.
  3. When it comes to bullies, Tony does not take this issue lightly. Tony continues to spread the word on anti-bullying, and wants to share his message through his music. He’s currently working on a new song about anti-bullying, and hopes to reach and inspire many of his listeners to help stop this issue. Be like Tony and say no to bullying!
  4. Other than music, Tony is also passionate about health and fitness! He loves kickboxing and uses it to not only stay in shape, but to release stress and any tension that he has going on in his busy life. He recommends that all his listeners find a health hobby like kickboxing to maintain a stress-free, active lifestyle!
  5. Tony Valor is more than just musically talented. Tony also knows his way around a motorcycle. Tony has the need for speed and drives around Palm Beach any chance he can get! Beyond the ride itself, Tony enjoys fixing bikes and understanding the mechanics of them.
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