Studio Time with Tony Valor

Tony Valor Music - Singer, Songwriter, and Producer
Tony Valor dedicates much of his time to working hard in the studio, producing new music, creating new singles, and having fun mixing new sounds. Let us take you behind the scenes of the day in the life of Tony in the studio.

Who You Can Find in the Studio with Tony

The excitement begins as soon as he walks in, whether it’s starting on a new project or rehearsing, Tony is always ready to get it! For the most part he enjoys working alone, but is always open to working and collaborating with others. In the past he’s collaborated with singers like Mariah Simmons, Leia Niss, and Li Na. Working with other artists not only results in creating amazing new songs, but is also a great learning opportunity, to be able to bounce ideas off of other talented musicians. You can expect to see new collaborations in the future! One of Tony’s biggest inspirations is his father, Tony Valor senior. The opinion of Tony’s father is very important to him as he is a famed music producer, and is one of the reasons why Tony wanted a career in the music industry. You can be sure to find his father in the studio with Tony, giving him tips and supporting his son!

Inspiration for His Music

When Tony steps into the studio, at the back of his mind he remembers who some of his other musical inspirations were growing up, and still are to this day. Usher and Justin Timberlake are a couple of Tony’s role models, and while he produces his own music, he takes what he has learned from watching them, and adds that to his music Forging a career that spans across the Dance, R&B, and Pop genres is what Tony strives to achieve

What to Look Out For

Tony has been busy in the studio working on his new single “Hear it Again”, and can’t wait to share it with his fans! Be sure to keep following Tony and his music, and stay connected with his every move! Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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