Catch Tony Valor at the 40TH Annual Calle Ocho Festival

Tony Valor Music - Singer, Songwriter, and Producer
This year Miami hosts the 40th Annual Calle Ocho Festival. Vibe with the hip- shaking rhythms of Latin music from salsa to hip- hop, be amazed by street performers, and indulge in hundreds of international food flavors. Visit all eight stages and watch the many talented and diverse performers throughout the day! This year Miami’s new Dance, Pop sensation, Tony Valor, will be performing at the festival. Tony has been coming to this festival since he was a kid, and has always dreamed of going up on the stage to perform in front of a live audience.

What to Expect from Tony’s Performance

This won’t be Tony’s first time performing at a festival, as he has been involved in many festivals in the past and is always excited to be at them. The vibe, the people, and the music are why people go to festivals, and like most festival lovers this is why Tony loves them to! Performing for the first time at Calle Ocho, the audience can expect lots of energy and fun during Tony’s set. He describes himself as an energetic performer, with epic dance moves that are sure to get the audience moving.

Tony’s Love for Festivals

Tony’s favorite part about performing in front of a live audience, is getting the chance to vibe off of their energy and interact with them. If you find yourself in the crowd, look out for Tony as he loves to pull people up on stage with him, and hop off the stage and join the crowd. So get your dance moves ready! Even though Tony is used to the spotlight, he still gets nervous before he hits the stage. Once he gets up there, sees the audience and starts singing, the nerves go away and the fun begins. That’s also Tony’s favorite part about performing, when he sees his fans having a good time, he has a good time. Tony can’t wait to share his new single “Up and Away” at the Calle Ocho Festival this Sunday, March 12. Be sure to head over to Tony’s stage and catch his performance. You and your friends won’t want to miss it! Watch Tony’s live interview with Producer Yovanni Medel, about the Calle Ocho Festival and more here: Listen and download Tony’s music here: Google play: Sound Cloud: Tidal: Spotify: Apple iTunes:

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