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Tony Valor Music - Singer, Songwriter, and Producer
You may all know Tony Valor as the young, hip, impressionable singer starting his career in the music industry. While Tony may have an undeniable love for music, he also has a variety of hobbies that he is very passionate about. Tony loves to keep himself busy and is always active, especially when it comes to his music, his friends, and his fans. Wonder what Tony is up to these days? Take a look!


When it comes to music, Tony is always on the lookout for new song inspirations. Tony enjoys the music styles of Justin Timberlake and Usher, and views them as his role models. Not only does Tony love to sing and perform, he is also a songwriter and producer. Constantly writing down new ideas and mixing new beats, Tony is a triple threat that can do it all!

Staying Fit

Tony is all about fitness and healthy living. In his downtime, he enjoys skateboarding, working out at the gym, going for a splash in the pool, or practicing MMA and kickboxing. Whether it’s with friends or his own, Tony is always looking for new ways to remain active and healthy. These activities give him the opportunity to be fit, humble, and remain a youngster.

Hanging Out With Friends

Tony currently resides in Palm Beach, Florida. Whether he is out for a bite to eat with his buddies, spending a day at the beach, or out for a ride on his bike, Tony always finds time in his busy schedule to hang out with his friends.

Biker Life

Tony has a great passion for bikes. Not only does he enjoy going out for a spin on his motorcycle, he also enjoys learning about the technical aspects behind his bike. Rather than going to a repair shop to get his bike fixed, Tony gathered all the proper tools and decided to repair his bike himself!


As you know, Tony absolutely loves his fans! There’s nothing that Tony looks forward to more than meet and greets with his fans. He enjoys interacting with his fans and getting to know them. Fans typically ask him about his fitness and his on-going pursuit in music. Tony may be a very busy individual, but he always finds time in his busy schedule to focus on his friends, family, and fans. However, if you are still curious as to what Tony Valor is up to these days, be sure to follow him on Instagram: @tonyvalormusic

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